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American Acappella Achievement Awards


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The American Acappella Achievement Awards a national bi-annual event that had its start (2011) in Oklahoma City,OK and was in the wonderful city Dallas,TX in 2013!! Now, in 2015 it headed to the great city of MEMPHIS, TN !!  This year in 2019 ... We are going to TULSA !! This is an awards show set up to pay tribute to those who have done a lot of work in the genre of christian acappella music over the years and their efforts have gone unrecognized.  We also want to pay tribute to those who write acappella music for others to enjoy as well as perform.  We also want to take the time to honor a congregation who has gone the extra mile to financially support expenses that may occur from traveling to and from special events that they may have which is a big impact on smaller groups not backed by churches.  This helps groups to continue to travel and praise God with the gift that they were blessed with, their voice.
This will be a grand formal occasion, uplifting acappella music to greater heights and hopefully sending a message to the rest of the world that acappella music is wonderful, ordained by God, and blesses the soul for those who support it.        

Vendors get a HALF table booth
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Vendors get a FULL table booth
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Thank you in advance to those who will attend the next one in 2015 and for supporting christian acappella music !! 

Periodically we will display some of the RED CARPET pictures of the performers as well as people who attend so ... come by often ESPECIALLY if attended to see your pic !!

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A.R. RECORDS* 3525 Emerald Dr. * Mesquite * TX * 75150