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Products & Services

This page will present a complete list of our product lines. You can view product line by clicking a link.

We create complete CD cover designs (including inserts & CD back), CD labels (faces), art work, promotional materials (posters, fliers, ads,etc.) from scratch. We can use your ideas and concepts and we also offer a listing of photographers for a totally unique CD package.
S.I. Garrett
Director of Art Work & Design

As we add new product lines, we may add additional pages to our site.

You can now listen to great acappella music everyday on the CHRISTIAN ACAPPELLA MUSIC INDUSTRY RADIO STATION called  Hear some new school, old school, choruses, esembles, and solo artists !!!  You can wait for the singers to cme to your church BUT, if you want to listen to them on our radio station, C.A.M.I. RADIO RIGHT NOW, just click on the link at the bottom of this page !!!


A.R. RECORDS also has a retail store (Acapella Music & More). With over 30 acappella  artist, they include  Steve Adams, Gerald Burnett, The Crosby’s, Revival, The Gospel Hour Choir, Katrina Waller, Chapter 2, and many, many more!!   You can also find books by authors Dr. James Maxwell (Vice President of  Southwestern Christian College), Dr. R. C. Wells (International author from New York), and other authors from around the country!!


                                        The Fundraiser Project…by purchasing the Youth Conference Love Vol. I and the Youth Conference Love Vol. II CD’s, this amazing fundraiser help send your youth to the National Youth Conference with registration paid by A.R. RECORDS!!!!  Purchase your copy today and click on the YCL links to find out how to apply for the free registration!!!!

Do  you have a CD that you would like for us to sell ??
We can help you !!!
A. R. RECORDS is concerned with helping people obtain the christian acappella music that they love to hear.  Since there is such demand for this genre of music, we want to help out.  We have created a way to help both the artists and listeners at the same time.  We will try our best to sell quality (industry standard) christian acappella music from across the country.  Our goal is to expand the industry of christian acappella music by assisting those acappella artists thinking on a bigger level who need help moving their product.
  We have adopted a method called Selling on Consignment.  This allows anyone who has product (industry standard) to be sold through us.  We travel the United States consistantly throughout the year, advertise, and give reviews of your music (only if we carry your product) and will be utilizing the internet for artists sales as well.  If you would like for us to carry your product, contact us at the phone # below or email us at !!!! 
If you have questions (like what is considered inustry standard) just feel free to email us or call us at (469)386-5501, and we will respond promptly.        

A.R. RECORDS* 3525 Emerald Dr. * Mesquite * TX * 75150