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Our Studio

  In the past, we have had the privilege of using a noteable studio that is located in Terrell, TX that is called Studio West End. Now, we are blessed to have our own studio located in Dallas County !!!  GOD IS GOOD !!  We are also blessed to have a crew that can handle just about everything that goes into creating wonderful, uplifting, soul-saving vocal music. 
-We can get you started: we have an experienced producer and an experienced engineer that will concentrate on making your music sellable. 
-We can also finish: our director of artwork/design can help create a full color layout for your cover and back of the CD, we can also manufacture the CDs too !!!  A 1 STOP SHOP !!!
If you are on top of your game---
Get 8 hours of studio time (produced), pre and post production,
 mastering, artwork/design, and 25 CDs
all for only $500.00 !!
You can't beat that anywhere !!!
Just let us know whenever you are ready, we'll get it done!!
            Just call us for more details or directions to our studio at (469)386-5501.  

A.R. RECORDS* 3525 Emerald Dr. * Mesquite * TX * 75150